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Focus on one goal

Why focusing on one goal at a time is essential to get to the right path. When I first engaged in the thought of coaching I had all these questions in my mind like what did I want to talk about? or what am I really good at? One of the many advice I would give you is, do something that you are passionate about. Also, ask yourself questions likecwhat can you help others with? What solutions can you recommend or problems can you solve?


Growing up I had all these ideas in my head and I wanted to become a part of pretty much everything I can get my hands on as long as it was something that interests me. I went to school for about 8 years for information technology and what I have become really good at writing and web design. Along the way, I picked up and learned some really good marketing strategies to help you succeed in the online space.

Part of my coaching is representing your brand. Once I complete a project for you with your permission I will post it on my Facebook group which has over 1,000 members and still growing daily. This will allow you to gain some exposure with like-minded people looking to get started in their own business.


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