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Web Designer


2015 - Present

My Process

First thing I like to start with is a copy of your resume. This will give me the opportuntiy to see what changes need to be made and what we need to focus on. I would do a informal interview to get to know more about you and your goals.

2013 - 2015

Your Preparations

I need a copy of your resume as well as your written accomplishments and goals. If you have anything you want to focus on please let me know.

2010 - 2013

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed I will do unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with my service. Sorry, I don’t offer a money back because I have already taken the time out of my schedule to create a resume and also it becomes less confusing.

Why choose me

I don’t just write whatever comes to mind I properly research the positions you are going for. In addition, I take my time on a template depending on how much work experience you have on your resume. I typically don’t do more than 2 pages and I won’t give you like a page an like a third. I want to make sure that the wording and fonts are spacious to adapt to the template. So there’s a lot of thought that is being put on a resume. I will do your resume as if I was doing it for my family members or friends.



C# C++, HTMLCourse


Security Officer


New York City Police Department


Photoshop 89%
WordPress 61%
Illustrator 71%
InDesign 50%
Html & CSS 85%


  • (813) 955-2354

Tiffany C. Kidwell

(617) 962 8802

Joseph Waddington

(510) 894 8525

Diane Geter

(513) 585 5951

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